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Lyrics of BEATING HEARTS by Paige: Children behave, That's what they say when we're together, Watch how you play, They don't understand.
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The transfer of t h e beating heart o f a separate [ Pomschar, "for our company the right step for the future". When the opportunity is there, you hear. Wenn sich die Gelegenheit bietet. However, when an image is captured and "frozen," the fact that it is. Wenn ein Bild hingegen aufgenommen und "eingefroren" wird, wird die Tatsache, dass es aus zwei Halbbildern. The application has been continually fine-tuned and developed, so that today it combines the advantages. Parliament is t h e beating heart o f t he whole [ We have thus arrived at the astonishing.

The core of the ancient city centre still has its original rectangular chessboard-like shape, typical of the roman castrum, whose centre was what today is Piazza San Michele,.

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Michele in Foro, built in Bauten gehen: der Palazzo Pretorio und die Kirche S. Since significant adherent neutrophils were observed in sham hearts, it was possible that the process of placing the stabilizer induced a local inflammatory response. Therefore, sham experiments were conducted mice in which the beating heart was imaged in the absence of the stabilizer. Although images were difficult to obtain, blurry and relatively out-of-focus, adherent neutrophils were still present in similar numbers to those seen in stabilized hearts Figure 2 A.

Ischaemia—reperfusion injury induced a marked and significant increase in individual neutrophil adhesion, although neutrophil clusters were also identified Figure 2 C. Interestingly, these areas did not correspond with neutrophil adhesion, but rather predominantly matched areas in which striking adherent platelet aggregates and microthrombi were identified. Microthrombi were not generally observed in the larger vessels but formed primarily within coronary capillaries often occupying significant lengths of vessel.

Numerous smaller and more rounded platelet aggregates were also found dispersed within the field of view. Aggregates were often, but not always, comprised of both neutrophils and platelets. Neutrophils adherent within sham hearts do not prevent blood flow—platelet aggregates main contributors to occlusive events in IRI. Better quality and easily quantifiable intravital images obtained following stabilization, which confirm neutrophil adhesion in beating sham hearts.

C IRI increases neutrophil adhesion, most of which are singular, although aggregates also identified. This did not always correspond to areas of neutrophil adhesion. Magnified image right shows neutrophils often adherent or trapped within platelet microthrombi in injured hearts, as indicated by co-staining, to form large occlusive aggregates.

E Neutrophil adhesion, platelet aggregation and microthrombus formation following IRI. Co-localization yellow indicates aggregates are often, but not always, comprised of both neutrophils and platelets. F Time-lapse images from an IRI beating heart video. From left to right, within the white circles, a single circulating neutrophil green, N is shown unable to move down the capillary as it is occluded by a downstream stationary platelet thrombus red, t. Myocardial IRI is associated with significantly impaired capillary perfusion and a disturbed microvascular organization.

Most capillaries parallel the arrangement of the muscle fibres with cross connections that run obliquely to fibres along their length. Although the stabilizer is attached to avoid visible large coronary arteries, well perfused medium-sized vessels can be seen in some fields of view out of focus in some of the images. In some fields of view, at least half the imaged area appears non-perfused.

Accumulation of FITC-BSA, identified as wider areas of intense fluorescence, occasionally seen along the length of some capillaries arrowheads. Interestingly, medium sized vessels are still perfused and thus readily visible. An extensive network of FITC-BSA perfused capillaries was observed in sham mice, paralleling the arrangement of muscle fibres, with cross connections along their length. Focusing up and down on the field of view showed no areas devoid of perfused capillaries.

Well perfused medium-sized vessels were also visible in some fields of view Figure 3 A. This resulted in patchy areas that appeared devoid of any microvasculature, indicating poor FCD. Indeed, in some fields of view, up to half the imaged area appeared non-perfused.

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Furthermore, the structured parallel arrangement of capillaries was lost with the microvasculature appearing more disorganized. Accumulation of FITC-BSA, identified as slightly wider vascular areas of intense fluorescence, was also seen along the length of some capillaries. Interestingly, medium sized vessels were still readily visible and well perfused in injured hearts Figure 3 B. Approximately 20—30 free flowing HSPCs were identified at all time points in sham mice. At all other time points, although circulating HSPC numbers remained elevated, the effect was not as remarkable.

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A Twenty to 30 free flowing HSPCs observed circulating through myocardial microvessels at all time points in sham mice. G Representative intravital images of injured heart showing a reduction in endogenous neutrophils and platelet presence when compared with non-treated injured hearts. Left ventricular diastolic and systolic events were easily detected on flux analysis recordings as high points and low points, respectively. We focused on diastolic events for comparative purposes Figure 5 A.

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In sham mice, blood flow did not change throughout the course of imaging.