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Those opposed to Crow find it lacking in hope and human perspective: Geoffrey Thurley .. externalism, defined by Dourley as the 'theological conviction that God was somehow . As with all the Crow poems, the language is liberated from an.
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Chapter-1.1 Dust of Snow- Extra Questions and NCERT Solution

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What Langston Hughes’ Powerful Poem “I, Too” Tells Us About America’s Past and Present

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Has given my heart. A change of mood. And saved some part.

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Of a day I had rued. But the fall of snow dust changed his mood. Word-Meaning: Way— manner, Shook down — shook the snow dust down, Hemlock — a poisonous tree,. All of a sudden a crow comes from nowhere. The crow sits on a poisonous hemlock tree. A lot of snow dust has already gathered at the top of the tree.

The movement of the crow brings some dust of snow down. The fine dust of snow falls on the poet. He is standing under that hemlock tree. Word-Meaning: A change of mood — a change in the present condition of mind, Saved — saved from being wasted, Part — portion, recta Rued — regretted deeply, felt sad deeply,. This falling of fine dust of snow on him gladdens his heart. A change comes into his mood. His mood brightens all of a sudden.

He had given all hopes of saving that dull and cheerless day. But now, cheerfulness replaces the sense of regret. The poet realises that the whole day has not gone waste. At least, a part of the day has been saved and redeemed. The act of the falling of the fine dust of snow on him has cheered his heart and mood.

Thus, the falling of dust of snow changed his mood. Where was the crow sitting? March Set-D. The crow was sitting in a hemlock tree. What did the crow shakedown on the poet? He shook down snow on the poet. In what mood was the poet before falling of snow on him? He was in an unpleasant mood. It is a poisonous plant with small white flowers.

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What fell on the poet from the hemlock tree? Sonic dust of snow fell on the poet from the hemlock tree. How did the dust of snow affect the poet? Answer the following questions in words:. The poet has observed nature as a positive medium of change for him. The poet had been the sorrowful and depressive mood in the poem. But then the way a crow shook snow dust off, it changed his mood.

Nature gave him the inspiration to behave in a positive manner. They can change the mood or life of a person. The way a crow shakes down dust of snow on the poet inspires and gives him the idea to shake off his depressive thoughts, become cheerful and do something useful.

Both are not beautiful. They represent the dark, depressive, sorrowful and bitter side of nature. Why does the poet use such poetically uncommon bird and tree? What does it reflect? The poet seems to be in a depressive and sorrowful mood. In such a mood, one cannot think of a sweet and beautiful side of nature. The harsh, bitter and poisonous images come to his mind. That is why he uses an uncommon, harsh, ugly crow and poisonous tree like hemlock.

What mood of the poet is reflected in the poem? How does it reflect? The sorrowful and depressive mood of the poet is reflected in the poem. What did the poet think of the day before the dust of snow fell on him? Before the fall of the dust of snow, the poet thought that his day was ruined. He was in a bad mood. But then t use of snow fell on him. It signalled something good and joyful. His mood changed.

Write a note on the setting of the poem. The poem presents a perfect setting. There are four elements in the poem.

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All these four elements match one another. The snow stands for depression. The hemlock tree is a symbol of sadness. The crow considered ominous. But suddenly the way in which the crow shook the hemlock tree and falling off the dust of snow. Where was the poet and what happened to him? March Set-C ]. The poet was under a hemlock tree. The tree was covered with snow Suddenly a crow shook the tree The dust of snow fell on the poet.

It changed his mood. What brought a sudden change in it? The poet was in a bad mood. He considered that his day was ruined. But the crow shook the tree. The dust of snow fell on him. The rest of the day was saved for him. Why did he feel so?