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There are profound lessons to be learnt from our daily life experiences. How we respond to our everyday challenges and victories makes us who we are.
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It comes from within, and cannot be not imposed or chosen from outside.

Your purpose may be your livelihood, or it may have nothing to do with how you make a living. Your purpose may be a simple one, like making a good, healthy life for yourself and your children, or it may be more dramatic, and based on what you learned by healing your own childhood experience. Inner purpose has the power to transform anxiety, anger, fear and rage into powerful, life-affirming action. A life purpose gives you the means to control your destiny, no matter what the force of the hardships you have incurred.

Be Yourself

Purpose may make itself clear in one instant flash, or gradually, by following clues, one at a time. Whether you get it all at once or a piece at a time, it will still take work and experience to bring it about.

1. We get treated in life the way we teach others to treat us.

Inner wisdom is not rational or practical in nature, but more intuitive and spiritual. It can provide a way to see the big picture, or a more detached and objective viewpoint of the issues and problems of life.

Each new idea must be tested through practical use, to see how it works. Step by step, using both intuitive wisdom and clear thinking, you can bring your inner motivation to the surface and use it to create what you want.

Repeat this while you scroll. Make use of their knowledge while you can. Then you feel happy and content and beautiful. Live your life and enjoy yourself fearlessly. Perceptive people know when to give up the conversational floor, allow people to share their problems and issues and reserve judgment until later.


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