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HCare service offer. Visit our helicopter services page. HCare Services Aboard every flight. Behind the scenes. Airbus helicopters are deployed on missions worldwide for diverse aerial duties. Civil Military. Celebrating 50 years of pioneering progress. Build your own H papercraft Print the Pdf file to assemble your own paper H aircraft. We are H Opening a new chapter. Rotor Magazine Airbus Helicopters' customer-focused publication. Safety first Our chief priority.

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The Naval Utility helicopter. A go-around maneuver can be both effective and safe when performed according to standard operating procedures by crews who are alerted to possible hazards. It also reviews the case of multiple failures, use of the autopilot and autothrottle.

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This document contents an exhaustive study on a topic rarely detailed Preventing Hard Nosegear Touchdowns In recent years, there has been an increase in the incidence of significant structural damage to commercial airplanes from hard nosegear touchdowns. In most cases, the main gear touchdowns were relatively normal.

The damage resulted from high nose-down pitch rates generated by full or nearly full forward control column application before nosegear touchdown. Flight crews need to be aware of the potential for significant structural damage from hard nosegear contact and know which actions to take to prevent such incidents. Preventing Tail Strikes Tail strikes can cause significant damage and cost operators millions of dollars in repairs and lost revenue.

Death Bringer War Plane - A-10 Main Battle Tank Buster Documentary - Military Documentary Channel

In the most extreme scenario, a tail strike can cause pressure bulkhead failure, which can ultimately lead to structural failure; however, long shallow scratches that are not repaired correctly can also result in increased risks. Yet tail strikes can be prevented when flight crews understand their causes and follow certain standard procedures. Preventing Tailstrike at Takeoff The purpose of this Airbus Briefing is to address tailstrikes occurrence at takeoff. It discussses the key elements that lead to a good landing. Pushback Hazards Pushbacks present a potentially serious hazard to ground personnel.

From through December , a search of the Boeing Product Safety Jet Transport Safety Events data base revealed 31 reported accidents worldwide where personnel were run over by the airplane wheels during the pushback process.

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Quiet Climb Boeing has developed the Quiet Climb System, an automated avionics feature for quiet procedures that involve thrust cutback after takeoff. By reducing and restoring thrust automatically, the system lessens crew workload and results in a consistently quiet footprint, which helps airlines comply with restrictions and may allow for an increase in takeoff payload. Reducing Runway Landing Overruns Working with industry, Boeing is implementing a combination of procedural improvements, flight crew knowledge, and flight deck enhancements to mitigate runway overrun excursions during landing.

Reducing the Risk of Runway Excursions At the request of several international aviation organizations in late , the Flight Safety Foundation initiated a project entitled Runway Safety Initiative RSI to address the challenge of runway safety. This was an international effort with participants representing the full spectrum of stakeholders from the aviation community. The effort initially reviewed the three areas of runway safety: runway incursions, runway confusion, and runway excursions.

After a review of current runway safety efforts, specific data on the various aspects of runway safety were obtained. After reviewing the initial data, the RSI Group determined that it would be most effective to focus its efforts on reducing the risk of runway excursions. Rejected Landing A rejected landing also referred to as an aborted landing is defined as a go-around maneuver initiated after touchdown of the main landing gear or after bouncing. Although a rare occurrence, a rejected landing is a challenging maneuver decided and conducted in an unanticipated and unprepared manner However, the key points at the end of this briefing note are also applicable to all aircraft types, with or without flight envelope protection.

Slippery Runways This article reviews the principles of tire traction, landing techniques and the use of brakes, speedbrakes and reverse thrust to stop the airplane during landing Stabilized Approach And Flare Against Hard Landings Flight crews primarily use their judgment to identify and report hard landings, but recorded flight data also might be useful to gauge the severity of the impact before a conditional maintenance inspection is performed. The accident record shows that hard landings often involve substantial damage and sometimes result in fatalities.

Stall Review and Recovery Procedures This very interesting document makes the operational community aware of the review of the traditional methods of "Stall" and "Approach to Stall" recovery techniques Stop and No Go Decision A high speed rejected takeoff during the takeoff roll. The decision on whether or not to perform a rejected takeoff -specifically, on whether or not to STOP or GO- requires comprehensive flight crew awareness of the many risks involved. The aim of this Airbus Flight Operations Briefing Note is, therefore, to review the STOP or GO decision-making process, and the associated operational and prevention strategies to be applied, in order to limit the risks of taking inappropriate actions and unsafe decisions.

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Tailstrikes In Gusty Wind This interesting Boeing document reviews causes and prevention, training recommendations and preventive measures to avoid tailstrikes in strong gusty winds. While there is no doubt that air crew have a clear understanding of the legal and airline requirement for "clean" aircraft prior to departure, there are times when pilots must exercise their judgment in determining whether or not small accumulations on the wings or other aerodynamic surfaces constitute accumulations which may have an impact on the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft.

Takeoff Rotation This Airbus production reviews some rotation flying techniques and is written as a reminder of various recommendations. This document is specific to Airbus pilots. Takeoff Safety Training Aid Airframe manufacturers, airlines,pilot groups, and government andregulatoryagencies, have developed this training resource dedicated to reducing the number of rejected takeoff RTO accidents. Taxi Procedures Taxi incidents are usually perceived to be less dangerous than incidents in flight,but they may cost a lot of money!

This Airbus document reviews some safety precautions specific to Airbus aircraft, pushback and taxi techniques One-Engine Taxi - A Two Engines , powerpush, taxi with Deflated Tires, etc. The use of these brakes provides a substantial reduction in airplane operating empty weight, but in-service experience has generally shown lower brake life than originally expected.

Analysis has revealed a difference between the wear characteristics of carbon versus steel brakes. It is believed that improvements in carbon brake life can be achieved through better understanding of the operational factors affecting carbon brake life. For most of their instructors, too, these places until recently were unfamiliar territory.

This article explains why that is the case, and will help newcomers to this subject quickly grasp the essentials of the paradigm shift under way. Understanding Runways Excursions A runway excursion occurs when an aircraft departs the runway in use during the take-off or landing run.