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More from our Shows Subscribe Using:. Download Listen Now. Ted was a big part of that. He stayed with us throughout the whole process from pre-production until the final moment of recording. He pushed us outside of our comfort zone. So, we got really creative under pressure, which ended up being super fun. These songs harness a spirit of freedom.

At the same time, it considers the past and how we got here. We have an ability to choose to be good and evil at any time. I learned so much from him, because he was naturally talented, but he got so deep into doing all kinds of drugs and died. He was the primary motivation. He and his wife were among our closest touring companions.

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People die. We keep going. In the end, the words and music on the album leave a long-lasting imprint. I feel better through the process.

I hope you do too. The fallout radiates across our lives and ultimately defines us.

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Equal parts cerebral poetry, art assault, and primal punk cacophony, these 13 tracks represent the Guadalajara-born and El Paso-based group at its most incisive and infectious. When I was little, I had a family. What does that mean? What does it do to us?

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You start doubting yourself. I have to start making room for myself. The pendulum swings back and forth. Reason will be lost and gained again. Over the past decade-plus, Teri and Co. An infamous live force, the frontwoman defied house rules and gravity , hanging upside down from the rafters at a storied Coachella set followed by stage-wrecking displays everywhere from Lollapalooza to Fun Fun Fun Fest. The whole atmosphere was very green and really amazing. I was going through a lot, but I felt like I had a family during this time.

I was able to be vulnerable and in-your-face at the same time. Jello Biafra]. A ticking timebomb of riffs clicks and clacks as her howling falsetto swings towards a searing screech punctuated by spoken word from the Dead Kennedys frontman.


Appropriately, she dons a Chichimeccan warrior outfit in honor of her grandmother in the accompanying music video directed by award-winning duo Noun. It goes along with the idea of the record. It helped me go through the emotions. Alice Bag] unites two generations of disruptive goddesses as Alice Bag and Teri formally meet on a recording.