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Table of contents

Blackboard will be used.

HIST 1112 - Orientalism & the Other in Modern History

Will be made available via Blackboard. Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Study in Leiden website for information on how to apply. Keywords Academic year Zoeken. Knowledge production will be studied as a social practice, which implies close attention to the intricate relationships between scholarship and social interests, notably the exercise of power. Timetable Second semester, Tuesdays, h. For the most recent update of the timetable click here Mode of instruction Seminar, attendance and participation in the discussions is compulsory.

In case there are not enough participants to present all the set readings, students will be invited to give a second presentation of the set readings. The paper should contain about words and should be presented in a printed form, with 1. A research paper is to be first presented in class and then submitted at the end of the term. Topics should be decided in consultation with the instructors by the end of the third week of the semester. A short abstract and preliminary bibliography should be submitted by the fourth week.

Friday, September 24, 2004

The required texts are available at the Coop and area bookshops. All other readings will be available on reserve in Rotch. Week 1: Introduction:. Aims and mechanics of the course. Theoretical and historiographical sources: Foucault, Said, and post-colonial theorists.

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Week 2: Theoretical and Critical Foundations:. The relationship between the post-structural and post-colonial theories. Mutual perceptions and misconceptions from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. The Greek construction of otherness.

Orientalisms and Occidentalisms: a comparative approach - ASCA - University of Amsterdam

The Crusades and cultural exchanges. Reading :. Them," Hassan and I. Dadi , eds.

Teaching the Intersection Between Classics, Anthropology, and Colonialism

Background Reading :. Week 4: From the Age of Discovery to Colonialism:. Enlightenment culture and the discovery of distant lands. Hussain , R. Olson and J. Qureshi , Orientalism , Islam, and Islamists Brattleboro , , Or also those coming from elsewhere in terms of other traditions and other places? It is hard to stomach how such views can be circulated publicly in a nation-state whose very grounding is the claim to have overcome racism after We must therefore critically inquire into this narrative itself, the way it establishes a certain understanding of history, time, and politics.

Moreover, as Gil Anidjar has pointed out, we must ask about the shared history of knowledge production about Jews and Muslims, the links between the histories of Imperialism, racism, Orientalism, and anti-Semitism before and after What are the unique perspectives and insights that the participants might gain from attending your conference?

Let us imagine these potential participants. Tags: collective memory colonial history cultural history discourse analysis German History Global History historical semantics historiography history of ideas history of knowledge history of religions History of Science Nils Riecken postcolonial studies remembrance culture.

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