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National Library of Medicine (U.S.) Oxford ; New York: IRL, Press at Oxford University Press, c – Xi, p.: ill. Child Psychology Psychoanalytic Our responses to a deadly virus: the group—analytic approach / Angela Molnos.
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Z55 A53 Originally broadcast on Jan.

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Clinton talks about his efforts to make China confront its AIDS problem and remove the huge stigma the disease still carries there. A25 F Discusses how HIV is acquired, how it can be prevented, and the relative risks of a wide range of sexual behaviors. A25 K6 A25 P Originally broadcast as a segment of: Nature of things. Thirty-six million people are infected with the HIV virus worldwide, with over 25 million of them in Africa, and a staggering number of Africans - 17 million - have died.

A25 R South Africa is the country with the highest number of HIV positive people in the world. This video illustrates how they must fight not only the disease but the drug cartels and the inactivity of their own government to get treatment. A25 S83 What immunologists, physicians, molecular biologists and courageous patients are learning will help achieve the ultimate goal: every AIDS patient a long-term survivor.

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A25 S97 Describes how the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS was identified. Reviews the development of increasingly effective treatment regimens and the creation of new drugs to control the virus. Disc 1. Lecture 1: From outbreak to epidemic. Lecture 3: Drugs and HIV evolution. Lecture 4: Vaccines and HIV evolution. Disc 2. Visola O. Ojikutu; Dr. Bruce D. A26 A An intimate look at the lives of 11 unique individuals, all living with HIV.

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Ranging in age from 17 to 60, the group represents a wide variety of lifestyles, ethnicities, and risk groups--attesting to the ever present reality that AIDS spares no one. From the thousands memorialized in the quilt, profiles five individuals--including a recovered IV drug user, a former Olympic decathlon star and a boy with hemophilia--whose stories reflect the diversity and common tragedy of those who have died from AIDS.

A26 C Animations of HIV concepts, interviews with leading scientists and health care workers, compelling stories of adolescents living with HIV, and prevention strategies. A26 S Documents their life together and the process of living with AIDS. A26 S55 Over a 3 year period, follows 6 women and men, straight and gay and of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds as they deal for the first time with hope. Though the new multi-drug therapies for HIV disease offer a possible reprieve from what was once a death sentence, they nonetheless face both a grueling treatment regimen and the complex physical and psychological challenges of rebuilding their lives.

A26 U Profiles five young people, infected with HIV through unprotected sex as teenagers. A25 I6 H5N1 Killer Flu: Wide angle travels to Vietnam, where doctors, epidemiologists and veterinarians are battling the virus which has already jumped species from birds to humans. After the documentary, Bill Moyers interviews Dr. H5N1 Killer Flu Vietnam. Originally broadcast Dec. Examines the major issues surrounding the H1N1 influenza virus outbreak, commonly referred to as "swine flu".

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Contextualizes the outbreak with pandemics of the past, including the influenza pandemic. Focuses as well on the science of influenza, including the development and implementation of the current H1N1 vaccine, next generation vaccine techniques, and the quest to create a potential universal vaccine. I6 A Examines the terrible challenges an influenza pandemic would present to health professionals, political leaders, and ordinary citizens. I6 E Originally broadcast as an episode of: The American Experience. In the spring of , an army private reported to a hospital in Kansas.

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He was diagnosed with the flu, an illness that doctors knew little about. I6 I Profiles scientists racing against time to prepare for the next major influenza outbreak, a pandemic which could kill between 5 and million people. Describes steps being taken to limit the spread of the H5M1 strain of avian flu. I6 K Originally produced in as an episode of: Healthy body, healthy mind.

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Outlines the science behind influenza and pneumonia and the conditions, both hygienic and environmental, that contribute to the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria. I6 P Originally broadcast on PBS as a segment of: Nova. L23 H8 Quest for the killers Television program. Doctors and scientists treating leprosy in the remote hilltop villages of Nepal fight superstition and the long-standing social stigmatization of leprosy. N37 L3 x. Tracks the work of scientists, epidemiologists, and policy-makers as they seek to understand the puzzling nature of spongiform encephalopathy, or Mad Cow Disease, and its possible transmission to humans.

B74 B7 Presents the ongoing medical detective story of BSE, not a bacteria or virus but a newly discovered protein called a prion. Noted virologists and veterinarians discuss its possible origin in Creuzfeldt-Jacob disease and scrapie and its proliferation through rendering factories. USDA and FDA experts comment on current meat inspection policies and the development of a diagnostic test for animals and humans. P93 B73 Originally produced in as a segment of: Medical detectives.

This program looks at Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease CJD , an incurable illness that destroys the human brain and is generally transmitted genetically or through blood transfusions. Cattle share a similar disease called bovine spongiform encephalopathy, also known as mad cow disease. When people with no history of CJD or blood transfusions began contracting the disease, the question arose: could eating tainted beef be the cause?

Neurologist Dr. Stanley Prusiner discovered the harmless prion and its mutated form, which is the cause of both diseases. P93 F P9 S43 a. Polio epidemics swept the nation in the first half of the 20th century, killing many and leaving thousands disabled, most of them children. Today many polio survivors are facing new problems. After years of dormancy, their pain and disability are coming back in a condition called post-polio syndrome.

Looks at the history of polio and at the current situation of those who are experiencing post-polio syndrome. Points out that cases of polio do still occur very rarely as a result of polio immunization, and more widely in countries where immunization is not yet universal. Medical experts discuss the current status of knowledge about the illness, and stress the continuing need for worldwide efforts to eradicate it.

P6 Jonas Salk describes how he overcame many obstacles in his quest to discover a polio vaccine. M3 Originally broadcast Feb. Interweaves the personal accounts of polio survivors with the story of an ardent crusader who tirelessly fought on their behalf. Features interviews with historians, scientists, polio survivors, and the only surviving scientist from the core research team that developed the Salk vaccine, Julius Youngner.

U5 O Looks at the rising number of "silent" sexually transmitted diseases, other than HIV. Provides specific information about prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the most common of these diseases. V4 S49 Explores the development of sexual behavior and the range of sexual experience and preference that exist within society today.

It also probes the question of whether the fear of the AIDS virus and other sexually transmitted diseases has caused sexual behavior patterns to change. Examines the current incidence of diseases spread from one person to another during sexual activity, and how the use of contraceptives protects sexual partners and unborn children from contracting such diseases. Detailed overview of how tuberculosis is spread and how healthcare workers can protect themselves and others.